Overview courses taught in English 

Program of study

Overview courses taught in English

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English-taught courses offered at the Bachelor's level

Course codeCourse titleECTSSemesterAcademic responsible
FRI300Harvest, craft and outdoor cooking10 ECTSFallThomas Vold
FRI301Friluftsliv, learning and skill development10 ECTSFallSimon Kennedy Beames
FRI302Nature philosophy and slow friluftsliv10 ECTSFallKristian Abelsen
SPM104Sport and sustainability10 ECTSFall/springAnna Maria Strittmatter
SPM120Performance-enhancement and anti-doping in sport5 ECTSSpringSigmund Loland
SPM121Sport for development and sustainability10 ECTSFall/springDerrick Charway
SPM230Sport Marketing10 ECTSSpringChris Horbel
SPM325Event Management10 ECTSFallAnnika Bodemar
SPM375Internship30 ECTSSpringAnna Maria Strittmatter
TI200Sports Coaching 1: Coaching children and youth10 ECTSFallSiv Gjesdal
TI304Performance Management10 ECTSSpringAnders Hall Grøterud
THP201Exercise in practice10 ECTSFallTron Krosshaug
THP300Sports Biomechanics and Perfomance Analysis10 ECTSFallMatthias Gilgien
THP301Cell Biology10 ECTSFallAdam Sharples
BAC200Research project10 ECTSFall/spring

English-taught courses offered at the Master's level

Course codeCourse titleECTSSemesterAcademic responsible
MA450Assessment of physical activity and fitness15 ECTSFallUlf Eklund
MA460Exercise Biology and Sport Performance Analysis I15 ECTSFallJostein Hallén
MA461Exercise Biology and Sport Performance Analysis II15 ECTSSpringOlivier Seynnes
MA470Advanced Sport Psychology15 ECTSFallFrank Eirik Abrahamsen
MA471Key concepts in Sport Management15 ECTSFallAnna Maria Strittmatter
MA473Pedagogical theory I15 ECTSFallKenneth Aggerholm
MAS411Research project10 ECTSFall/spring
MAS412Research project15 ECTSFall/spring
NOFRI104Qualitative methodology5 ECTSSpringKirsti Pedersen Gurholt
NOFRI105Landscapes, Outdoor Practices and Identities10 ECTSSpringKirsti Pedersen Gurholt