Overview of courses taught in English 2019-2020
MAS Essay Research project for master exchange students (10 ECTS) 
Course facts
Course codeMAS Essay
Course titleResearch project for master exchange students
Course languageNorsk
Teaching semesterSpring or fall
PrerequisiteRequirements: Completed bachelor degree or equivalent. Students will be evaluated for admission by the relevant department depending on which topic they are interested in. The topic has to be approved by a supervisor at NIH.

The project aims to provide the student with the opportunity to study a topic within a research area where The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences has expertise. The student is expected to use original literature to discuss a research topic in the essay.

Learning outcome

The student shall:

  • be able to formulate a scientific question and work independently to find literature and structure an essay.
  • be able to produce a written academic text in English that portrays the topic in a scientific and logical fashion.
Course organization

The topic and research question of the essay must be approved by a supervisor. The essay will be a literature study and/or a study based on lab work with research data analysis to answer a scientific question. Each student will be given 6 hours of guidance by a supervisor.


Individual written essay of a maximum of 6000 words not included the table of contents, reference list and possible attachments. The essay will be graded A-F.

Core material

The student is expected to find approximately 500 pages of scientific literature in cooperation with a supervisor.

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