Studiehåndbok 2018-2019
IBI331 Cell Biology  (10 ECTS) 
Course facts
Course codeIBI331
Course titleCell Biology
Course languageEnglish
Academic responsibleKlavs Madsen
Teaching semesterSpring

The course gives the students an overview on cellular biology related to structure and function of DNA, RNA and protein, regulation of gene expression, energy production, mitochondria function and intracellular signaling systems.

Learning outcome

The students must be able to:

  • Know the structure and properties of proteins and the correlation between protein structure and function
  • Know the structure and properties of DNA, how DNA is copied in the cell-cycle and the reliability of this process
  • Understand the correlation between the proteins of a cell and its functional properties
  • Understand the importance of general transcription factors and gene regulatory proteins, including combinatorial control
  • Know how information is carried from gene to finished protein; present control points governing the selection and quantity of proteins to be synthesized and their influences on cellular adaptation
  • Present the basic principles of inter- and intracellular signaling systems and their role in cellular adaptation
  • Present the cell-cycle and mechanisms regulating cell count and cell size
  • Know the main immunological methods used to study proteins in cells and tissue
Course organization

The course consists of lectures and one laboratory course. At the end of the course, the students are required to present and discuss a relevant article (review article or primary article).


4-hour individual written examination. Graded A-F. Recourses/materials which may be used in the exam: Dictionary

Laboratory report is assessed on a pass/fail basis.

Core material

Alberts, B. (2014). Essential cell biology (4th.). New York: Garland Science.
* You will find the book in the Library, here: ORIA

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