MA461  Exercise Biology and Sport Performance Analysis II (15 ECTS) 

Course facts

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Exercise Biology and Sport Performance Analysis II
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This course provides a deeper insight into

  • the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the adaptation we see in skeletal muscle during physical exercise and after alterations in nutrition. 
  • biomechanical analysis of human movement and associated methodologies.
  • technologies to study human movements and performance. 

The course is of advanced content, designed to cover current and ‘hot’ topics in these areas by members of staff who are undertaking and publishing research in those topics. The course offers 12-15 seminars with associated learning objectives and students will choose 9 of these seminars and their learning objectives. 

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the student can

  • critically evaluate and discuss results from key research in the area.
  • identify relevant theories and methodologies required for applied situations. 
  • explain and discuss the important cellular and molecular responses to exercise and nutrition and the mechanisms that initiate and control these adaptations.
  • discuss the possible transfer from cellular adaptations to changes in exercise performance
  • explain and discuss biomechanical theories and methods in the fields related to human motion and muscle function. 
  • demonstrate understanding of sport performance analytic approaches and methods used in individual- and team sports. 
  • illustrate how to adapt study designs in sport performance projects to fit the population, external and contextual conditions. 

Learning styles and activities

An introductory lecture will be given on a specific topic before students in groups of 2-3 will read 3-4 articles (1 article per group) based on the lecture content and present one of the articles, followed by questions and group discussion.

Mandatory assignment

Students shall participate actively and sufficiently (80%) in the classes and must present at least one paper review or other assignment during the course.

The presentations/participation must be approved before the final exam.


Essay. Graded A-F.

  • The students are given 14 days to hand in an essay at the end of the course, up to 6500-words (including bibliography). Essay topics will be drawn amongst topics addressed during the seminar.