SPM121 Sport for development and sustainability (10 ECTS) 

Course facts

Course code
Course title
Sport for development and sustainability
Equivalent to
SPM122 Sport for development and sustainability 10 ECTS (fall and spring)
Course language
Academic responsible
Derrick Charway


The course aims at the role of sport in sustainable development. Particularly, how the programs and activities of Sport for Development and Peace (SPD) organizations can contribute to sustainable development. Students will learn about the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, gain an understanding of how the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of the UN SDGs interconnect.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student should be able to:

  • explain the different viewpoints of “sustainability” and “sustainable development”
  • apply sustainability initiatives in SDP project planning and management process.
  • explain how SDP programs and activities can contribute to UN SDGs in different contexts.
  • reflect on the different theories of sustainability and how they can impact SDP events in local communities.
  • discuss the opportunities and challenges of delivering sustainable outcomes

Learning styles and activities

The course is entirely organized online, and it consists of four modules. The learning material includes video clips and texts, that will aid students to self-reflect on the topics of the modules.  Even though this is an online course, students must maintain contact with the course teachers should the need arise.

Mandatory assignment

A regular visit to CANVAS to follow the course instructions. CANVAS performs an automatic check of the visits. It also contains all the assignments, learning materials, and presentations by teachers.

Students will deliver periodic assignments after reflecting on each of the four modules. There will be feedback on each of the assignments.

The assignments are requirement for the final exams.


The final exam entails a maximum of 4000 words. The grading ranges from A-F.

The exam will be delivered in WISEflow and run through plagiarism control program.

Core material

To be submitted.