MA470 Advanced Sport Psychology (15 ECTS) 

Course facts

Course code
Course title
Advanced Sport Psychology
Course language
Academic responsible
Frank Eirik Abrahamsen
The course is limited to students in the master's program in Sports and Social Sciences - the fields of Sports Psychology, and Sports coaches


This course provides a profound overview of central topics affecting performance and well-being in sport participants of all levels. Psychological themes relevant to understanding antecedents and outcomes of participants' involvement in competitive sport, exercise, and physical activity, will be covered. The course will cover essential topics such as individual and environmental dynamics, cultural issues, ethics, motivation, emotions, and psychobiology of abled and disabled sports participants.

English is the primary language of the course, such as lectures, discussions, and seminars.

Learning outcomes

When completed the course, the students shall be able to

  • demonstrate a high ability to reflect on psychological mechanisms influencing performance and well-being in different sport participant groups and settings, with a critical perspective 
  • use essential sport and exercise psychology theories and models to inform programs and interventions for athletes, coaches, parents, and other significant participants. 

Learning styles and activities

The course will run throughout the autumn and comprises lectures, two mandatory group work assignments, student presentations, and discussions. There will be three seminars requiring attendance from the students.

The students shall participate actively and sufficiently in the classes and forfeit the right to take the final examination (see below) if the group assignments are unsatisfactory.  

Mandatory assignment

Mandatory submission, consisting of short reflections (individual and small groups), must be uploaded in Canvas. Approved submissions are a prerequisite for signing up for the oral exam. 

Attendance at the seminars and group presentations are mandatory. A facilitator chairs group meetings. 

Presentations and discussions in class must be in English.


Final examination: Individual oral exam based on the curriculum. Pass-fail. 

Core material

Tenenbaum, G., & Eklund, R. C. (2020). Handbook of sport psychology (4th ed., Vol. 1). Wiley. 
Please read pp. 1-772:
* You may borrow the book through the Library: ORIA

Tenenbaum, G., & Eklund, R. C. (2020). Handbook of sport psychology (4th ed., Vol. 2). Wiley. 
Please read pp. 1111-1240
* You may borrow the book through the Library: ORIA

Anbefalt litteratur

Recommended literature :
Smith, D., & Bar-Eli, M. (2007). Essential readings in sport and exercise psychology. Human Kinetics.
* You may borrow the book through the Library: ORIA

Tenenbaum, G., & Eklund, R. C. (2020). Handbook of sport psychology (4th ed., Vol. 2). Wiley.
It is recommanded that you read pages 773-1110:
* You may borrow the book through the Library: ORIA