MA460 Exercise Biology and Sport Performance Analysis I (15 ECTS) 

Course facts

Course code
Course title
Exercise Biology and Sport Performance Analysis I
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Academic responsible
Jostein Hallén


This course provides an introduction to advanced studies in exercise and sport biology and sport performance analysis. The course is based knowledge in physiology and biomechanics from previous studies at the bachelor level. The focus will be on how to evaluate human performance within the framework of the included research areas. The course is also designed to improve critical evaluation of scientific papers, presentation skills, group work and the synthesis of complex research papers.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the student can

  • identify key elements, strengthen basic knowledge and analytical capacity, and condense important information from complex research papers (summarize).
  • present and critically discuss results from key research in the area.
  • explain the strengths and limitations of key methodologies for the study of human performance.
  • integrate knowledge of metabolism, physiology and biomechanics in evaluations of human performance to address specific challenges in the research, clinical and coaching professional environments.
  • assess forms of collaboration and knowledge sharing in an innovative context within human performance.

Learning styles and activities

The course offers 8-10 seminars.  In each seminar, an introduction will be given on a specific topic before students in groups of 2-3 read and present an article based on the lecture content. The presentation will be followed by questions and group discussions.

In addition to the specific topics, the students must take part in minimum 2 workshops about innovation and development during the semester. The workshops are organized in a collaboration between IFP and external partners. The specific outcome of these workshops would be to identify scientific knowledge in an innovation context between academia, organizations and industry. 

Mandatory assignment

Students shall participate actively and sufficiently (80%) in the classes and must present at least one paper review or other assignment during the course.

The presentations/participation must be approved before the written exam.


Individual written exam, 3 hours, graded (A-F).  

Core material

MA460 is built on weekly seminars and electronic articles will be published here for each seminar.