MAS412 Research project (15 ECTS) 

Course facts

Course code
Course title
Research project
Course language
Completed bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Students will be evaluated for admission by the international office. The topic has to be approved by a supervisor at NIH.


The project aims to provide the student with the opportunity to study a topic within a research area where The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences has expertise. The student is expected to use original literature to discuss a research topic in the essay. 

Learning outcomes

After the course, the student shall be able to

  • formulate a scientific question and work independently to find literature and structure an essay.
  • produce a written academic text in English that portrays the topic in a scientific and logical fashion.


Learning styles and activities

The topic and research question of the essay must be approved by a supervisor. The essay will be a literature study and/or a study based on lab work with research data analysis to answer a scientific question.

Each student will be given 6 hours of guidance by a supervisor.


Individual written essay of a maximum of 12000 words not included the table of contents, reference list and possible attachments.

The essay will be graded pass-fail.

Core material

The student is expected to find approximately 1000 pages of scientific literature in cooperation with a supervisor.