MA536 Movement learning and ecological dynamics (5 ECTS) 

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Movement learning and ecological dynamics
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This course examines contemporary pedagogical approaches, such as constraints-led teaching, nonlinear pedagogy and the athletic skills model, which are underpinned by the theoretical framework of Ecological Dynamics. It is suggested that through careful design, these models, aimed at children as well as young athletes, can (i) encourage play and facilitate physical activity and motor learning in children of different ages, providing them with the foundational skills needed for leading active lives; and (ii), develop young athletes in elite sports programs in an ethical, enriching and supportive manner.  

Through this course students will gain in-depth knowledge of the sub-disciplines of motor learning and motor development, physical education, sports pedagogy and physical activity and exercise domains.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student should be able to

  • design a long-term development plan inspired by the athletics skills model
  • plan lesson delivery using nonlinear pedagogy
  • deliver a nonlinear pedagogy lesson that meets the needs of the learner
  • develop an assessment that captures the transfer of learning between contexts

Learning styles and activities

Lectures, workshops, practical teaching sessions, self-directed study.  

Mandatory assignment

Attendance is mandatory for classes. Active engagement in all aspects of the course is expected, especially when being taught by peers. Must be approve before final examination.


Assessment in the course consists of two assignments. Each assignment is worth 50% and graded A-F.   

  1. A presentation outlining their nonlinear pedagogy lesson plan will be given. In this presentation, students will demonstrate how their lesson plan is informed by an ecological dynamic conceptualization of movement learning.
  2. Students will deliver their nonlinear lesson plan to the rest of the class and write a critical reflection on the lesson.