THP301 Cell Biology (10 ECTS) 

Course facts

Course code
Course title
Cell Biology
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Academic responsible
Adam Sharples


The course gives the students an overview on cellular and molecular biology related to the function of DNA, RNA and protein, regulation of gene expression, and intracellular signaling systems involved in molecular exercise physiology.

Learning outcomes

The students should be able to

  • know how exercise creates extracellular signals outside cells that lead to activation of receptors/channels and subsequent intracellular signalling, gene expression and changes in protein levels within cells.
  • understand the molecular adaptation to resistance exercise.
  • understand the molecular adaptation to endurance exercise.
  • understand genetics of muscle mass, strength and endurance uperformance.
  • understand the epigenetics of resistance and endurance exercise.
  • understand the cell and molecular biology of adaptation to skeletal muscle/exercise with performance enhancing drugs.
  • understand laboratory methods for assessing intracellular signalling, gene expression and protein levels in skeletal muscle after exercise.

These learning outcomes are subject to minor changes, such as specific topics within cell and molecular biology of sport and exercise.

Learning styles and activities

The course consists of lectures, student presentations and one laboratory course (followed by a written lab report – see below). 


  • 4 hours individual exam (home). Graded A-F.
    • Recourses/materials which may be used in the exam: Dictionary
  • Laboratory report is assessed on a pass/ fail basis.

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Core material

Sharples, A. P. James P. Morton, J. P. & Henning Wackerhage, H. (2022). Molecular exercise physiology: An introduction (2nd ed.). Routledge. 
* You will find the book in the Library, here: ORIA
** This book is also available online: Click here to download.
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